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Breath of Sunshine

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Awaken your divine nature


Breath medicine Retreat

June 3rd-10 2019

In our culture we move so fast, and everything is accelerated—take some time to slow down and ground:

Experience seven days of healing, transformation and reconnection to our divine selfs with powerful Breathwork Journeys, nightly Yin Yoga, a joyful community and plenty of spare time to attune with your spirit, stroll the white beaches of mama Earth, soak in some Greek culture.

Full moon Sacred sound & Yoga

Guatemala: Lake Atitlan
january 2020

Let the energy of the infamous Lake Atitlan lull you into inner peace, feel revitalized by the earth and heal with the sacred vibrations of sound bowls. Connect to your wild woman and experience a full moon ceremonies, personal spiritual readings, smudge kits and mouth-watering picture worthy meals. 

200hr Vinyasa & yin yoga Teacher training

Gili Air, Indonesia
Oct 27-Nov 17 2019

Spend 3 weeks in on this beautiful car-less island Gili Air; off the coast of Bali. Enhance your spirituality, connect to your inner self, deepen your Yoga Practice and step in to the confident role of Yoga Teacher. 


SOLD OUT!:Breathwork & Sound Bath Immersion

January 26th

Healing the Inner Child

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An Immersion to HEal your Relationship with SELF <3

Breath of Sunshine is hosting their first Breathwork Immersion of 2019 at the quaint lovely space of Studio B in Frisco!

For the New Year we make a lot of resolutions to change certain aspects about ourselves—Breathwork asks nothing of you, just that you breathe back to the divine you. Experience profound states of consciousness, accelerated healing of trauma, emotional pain, and enter into the vibrantional bliss of being present and alive.

This Breathwork session will focus on healing your relationship with your inner child. What are you numbing, or hiding away from? 

If little you, all snuggled up in pajamas asked for advice, or a cradle—could you do it? Yes! With loving compassion, you’d scoop them in your arms. That inner child is YOU!!

Breathwork is a prolonged deep breath that you facilitate yourself and it helps tap you into your natural vibrancy or state of consciousness.

Sometimes, to get there, we have to face—with courage—what emotions or parts of ourselves we are hiding, burying, ignoring.


Don’t be afraid of who you are—it’s divine, it’s sacred, it’s part of the bloody universe. You are magic—breathe to remember!

**Every Breathwork Session is unique but each one is sure to be profound, transformative and connection to truth**

-Breathwork Immersions are held in a safe, loving space to encourage personal growth, freedom of expression and the ceremonial container ensures no re-trauma or unease. The community that engages is always supportive, courageous, and loving.<3

-A Sound Bath will complement the Breathwork Session- as these magical instruments release anxiety, affect us on a vibrational level, bring us to a deep sense of relaxation and aid in a sooth ending of Breathwork processing.


Studio B

101 Third Avenue 

Unit C 

Frisco, CO 80443



*Eat light in the hours before to ensure a proper processing

*Dress in loose clothes that don't restrict breathing

*Bring a journal for processing after the session

*Bring a pillow, blanket, socks, eye masks- anything that helps make you feel nestled, safe and secure to process.

For any questions that arise, don't hesitate to email EJ at

See you Saturday!




wild divine.

Wild means natural--being connected to ones' deepest soul. 

Our Sacred Inner Child, divine self, unique spirit; was our pure nature when we were born. Now, we mush shed, unlearn habits and use these sacred divine tools to reconnect to what we briefly lost. 




The Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit, Universe, God, Spirit Mother—are all one- this energy resides in each of us, animals, earthly objects, air, sky; it encompasses all.



Explore Nature--the Source.

The more we tune into the energy around us, listen to the earth, connect to the elements; the more whole we feel, the more alive we are. 


sacred medicine.

yoga — a beautiful way we can dance with our souls, strengthen our bodies, enhance our minds, increase in positive thinking, achieve inner calm, self-love, and healing mentally & physically from past traumas.

Breath Medicine— deep conscious continuous circular breath has tremendous power to connect us instantly to source, to shed our identities and change our life perspectives.

Sound ALCHEMY— being vibrational beings we are deeply affected by celestial sound, By using crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs, koshi chimes and more— we use sound to delve deep into relaxation, aid in anxiety, ptsd and depression, and soothe the aches of our minds.


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The Journey Begins Within

When was the last time you did something for your spirit?