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Breath of Sunshine

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Upcoming Retreats


Guatemala- Full moon Sacred sound & Yoga
january 2020

Let the energy of the infamous Lake Atitlan lull you into inner peace, feel revitalized by the earth and heal with the sacred vibrations of sound bowls. Connect to your wild woman and experience a full moon ceremonies, personal spiritual readings, smudge kits and mouth-watering picture worthy meals. 200hr teacher training
(dates still TBD)

Spend 3 weeks in on this beautiful car-less island Gili Air, a short boat ride away from Bali. Enhance your spirituality, connect to your inner self, deepen your Yoga Practice and step in to the confident role of Yoga Teacher. 

Zakynthos,Greece: Breath medicine REtreat
June 3rd-10 2019

Experience seven days of transformation with powerful Breathwork Journeys, nightly Yin Yoga and plenty of spare time to attune with your spirit, stroll the white beaches of mama Earth, soak in some Greek culture and revive your true nature.



Wild means natural--being connected to ones' deepest soul. 

At breath of sunshine- we strive to provide quality retreats and trainings around the world to enhance personal connections to our inner child---our natural self. 





We carefully choose each venue and location to ensure It aligns with our core values and purpose. Each location wields a strong connection to Mama Earth, special energy, inspiring and authentic community and a safe environment.

Our journeys could include a trekk in the mountains, a swim in a blue lagoon, a bike ride around a small local island, trying new, healthy, delicious food, or staying up late to gaze at the stars.

Our adventures are created to reconnect us to the wonder of our inner child, encourage us to be our eccentric self, and teach us more about ourselves.

Our journeys encompass all types of journeys a soul can go on—a transforming breathwork session where our minds and spirit take a grand journey towards light; a simple journey of sound vibrations elevating the spirit or journey of the body and soul with yoga.

Our journeys begin within and transpire across magical earth.



Explore Nature--the Source.

Walk barefoot, swim in salt water, listen to the breeze, get your nails dirty in soil---breath of sunshine- provides many special opportunities to engage with nature. 

The more we listen to nature, and care for our environment---the more we learn about our true natures. 


sacred medicine.

yoga — a beautiful way we can dance with our souls, strengthen our bodies, enhance our minds, increase in positive thinking, achieve inner calm, self-love, and healing mentally & physically from past traumas.

Breath Medicine— deep conscious continuous circular breath is our favorite tool for healing, because of it’s tremendous power to connect us instantly to source, to shed our identities and change our life perspectives. Breath. Spirit. Prana. Magic.

Sound ALCHEMY— being vibrational beings we are deeply affected by sound, and using crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs, koshi chimes and more— we use sound to delve deep into relaxation, aid in anxiety, ptsd and depression, and soothe the aches of our minds.


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The Journey Begins Within

When was the last time you did something for your spirit?

Join the the Sunshine Tribe <3

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