Breath of Sunshine was created for the wild, playful spirits<3

The ones itching for a genuine spiritual community, a sacred safe space to heal, transform; connect with nature and the subtle longings of their soul. 

Elizabeth "EJ" Brumfield, is a positive, bright spirit; who has experienced her own unique journey of healing. She lost her father and grandfather to cancer when she was young, many friends to accidents, and experienced the darkness of sexual abuse at a young age.

She struggled against anxiety—deep seated beliefs that she would never amount to anything— depression and grief.

She discovered yoga when she was 23- a lovely gem in a pool of treasures she would soon discover. Yoga was the first time she felt love towards her body, and started to forgive herself for things within her control, and the turmoil outside of it.

Through the catalysts of Sound Therapy and Sacred Breathwork---she experienced powerful, accelerated healing of past traumas, deep grief, a breakage beyond the bondage of a victim mindset. During Breathwork, it is as she is experiencing her totally divine self, the universal love that wonders at the earth, who feels connected to leaves or the wind; she feels both apart of everything yet independent.

With these profound modalities: Breath Medicine, Sound Alchemy and Yoga— she has found passion, creativity, joy, but most importantly—herself.

Through all these treasures she obtained a new perception and zest for life, and her soul beams like a sunflower.

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Breath of Sunshine's mission is to provide genuine avenues for healing, self-love, self-forgiveness and personal transformation

Breath of Sunshine seeks to have a ripple affect in the world, spreading joy, connection to consciousness, and unwavering love.

If you know you are ready to “sit with” old thought patterns, harsh emotions, old traumas—if you are ready to heal at a powerful, challenging and rewarding level—these medicines are for you.

We are your community--earth lovers, coffee-drinkers, bright hearts, lost souls, artists, creators, healers, butterflies, daydreamers, writers, singers, lovers, rule-breakers --- all little rays of sunshine.