Breath of Sunshine’s Elizabeth Brumfield will be hosting a Breathwork Session on March 3rd 9am on the Main Stage at San Diegos Yoga Festival 2019. Tickets can be purchased here | Use code SUNSHINE for discount.



Breathwork Immersion at Meta Yoga Studios

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 2-3:30pm

Breathwork is conscious circular breathing that accelerates healing of trauma in the body, mind and spirt. Participants can experience profound change in thinking, a rewriting of the stories we tell ourselves, and exuberant bliss. With the aid of tribal music, crystal bowls, a planetary gong, and a ceremonial container, the breather can access deep channels of change, healing, and universal joy. 

Breathwork is easily accessible by all ages, no prior experience. Get to know your core self again.
*Eat light in the hours before ceremony to ensure a deep process. Bring blankets, eye masks to help you feel nestled. Wear clothes that don't restrict breathing*
$25 | 12 Person Limit: Please Pre-Register


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