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Breath Medicine Retreat


Breath Medicine Retreat

June 3rd-10 2019

In our Western culture we move so fast, and everything is accelerated—take some time to slow down and ground:

Experience seven days of healing, transformation and reconnection to our divine selfs with powerful Breathwork Journeys, nightly Yin Yoga, a joyful community and plenty of spare time to attune with your spirit, stroll the white beaches of mama Earth, soak in some Greek culture.


Benefits of Breathwork Immersions

Breathwork Ceremonies are powerful transformational experiences that help heal the breather physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

With many Breathwork Ceremonies in succession, an accelerated, powerful healing and transformation can take place.

  • Dissolve Mental and Emotional Blockages

  • Ease Anxiety and Depression

  • Heal Past Traumas

  • Become Empowered

  • Access Inner Wisdom- Release Limiting Perceptions

  • Heal Childhood Pain, The Inner Child

  • Reintegrate Abandoned Facets of Self

  • Experience Deep Peace, Love and Compassion

In this safe, beautiful, luxurious villa connect with individuals that are also on a personal journey of healing.

Enjoy plenty of time to explore, journal personal thought processes, bike around the island, soothe your body in yin yoga classes, lounge around the pool and yummy food!

You’ll have plenty of support from compassionate, knowledgeable, professional leaders.

We are born Divine- rediscover it.


What You Receive

  • 6 Profound Ceremonial Breathwork Immersions

  • 5 Yin Yoga Classes

  • Daily Circles covering themes such as; shame, healing our inner child, social restrictions, limiting beliefs, and remembering who we really are

  • One excursion to Shipwreck Beach- cruise the turquoise blue Mediterranean waters on a private boat with your Breath of Sunshine Tribe

  • Smudge Kit Gift: relieve your own small kit to keep your energy cleansed during the week—sage stick bundle, rose quartz, selenite wand

  • One 2- hour Food and Wine Mini-Tasting Tour including: a private mini bus | visit to eco farm - vineyard | tasting traditional food of Zakynthos

  • Professional guidance from international yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator and sound healer Elizabeth Brumfield

  • Optional Thai Massage, beautiful Yin classes, and ukulele serenades from Assistant Teacher Sally Francis.

  • 7 nights accommodation at the large beautiful villa in Zakthynos

  • Access to private pool on property to soak by, recharge, journal, swim, be playful and relax.

  • Airport Transfers

  • 7 Breakfasts, tea, coffee. Welcome dinner/goodbye dinner

  • Remember who you are: a divine spirit. A soul one with nature, animals, the universe. Leave with more confidence, clarity, creativity, passion and self-love.

  • Daily Support from a compassionate staff<3

  • Time to explore and get a taste of Greek culture and island life. Rent a bike and cruise around the island.

  • Experience a life-changing transformation of self. Leave with a deeper connection to Mother Earth, more aligned to your true nature, revived confidence and renewed spirit.

  • New life-long friends from around the world.


This Retreat is For You If You are Ready:

  • To face yourself; your emotions, your pain, your trauma, you fear; if you are ready to be uncomfortable to step into your true self, true purpose.

  • To be authentic, genuine and YOU.

  • To heal your relationship with your inner child.

  • Deal with layers of grief, face sadness, anxiety worry and pain. Acknowledge your emotions to become free of them.

  • To face and move past the confines of shame.

  • Love and accept all that you are.

  • Travel to an unknown place to explore the inner depths of your soul, but also the unique catering of a new culture.

Accommodation & Rates

This 279 sq. meter, lovely villa consists of a large private pool, nature to lounge in, beautiful views, a quaint living space, large bedrooms, quiet retreat, a giant fully-equip kitchen.

The villa has 5 closed bedrooms and 2 open plan ones.

The villa is walking distance from a local market, a bike ride from the sea, and a short drive from the center of town.

Normal Rate (includes accommodation, welcome dinner/goodbye dinner, breakfast, tea, coffee, filtered water, private pool use, airport transportation, one boat excursion on the Mediterranean Sea to infamous Shipwreck beach, Breathwork Sessions, Yin Yoga classes, welcome gift, daily circles, nature time, food and wine tasting tour, professional support)

| $1,200

Bestie Package (includes accommodation, welcome dinner/goodbye dinner, breakfast, tea, coffee, filtered water, private pool use, airport transportation, one boat excursion on the Mediterranean Sea to infamous Shipwreck beach, Breathwork Sessions, Yin Yoga classes, welcome gift, daily circles, nature time, food and wine tasting tour, professional support)

| $1,800 ($900 per person)

Join our tribe<3

Payment plans available | Contact


A deposit of $300, holds your spot. Full amount due 30 days before retreat. Deposit non-refundable.

What is Breathwork?


Breathwork—deep circular conscious breathing— is a fast-track healing modality that helps the breather moves past the stored traumas straining our energetic bodies, past pain, limited beliefs that shield us from living as our true divine beings.

Within a ceremonial container; the use of smudging; sage and palo Santo, tribal music, bass drums, earth chimes, pure essential oils, rattles and sound instruments; these tools help deepen the Breathwork process and journey.

While a Breathwork ceremony might surface and bring up powerful emotions, old trauma or memories- within a safe environment and ceremonial space- these surfacing limits are released indefinitely with the strength of Sacred Breath.

Breathwork heals your relationship with Self and inner child.

Breathwork can at times be uncomfortable, difficult, but ultimately blissful and transcending.

Breathe your way back to your Divine You:)


Your Facilitators


Lead Teacher: Elizabeth Brumfield

Elizabeth Jane "EJ" Brumfield (E-RYT 500 , Certified Sound Healer & Breathwork Facilitator) brings a lovely essence of playfulness, love and spirituality to her immersions. Having studied in India, Bali, the US, and travel-taught around the world-- to her yoga, sound alchemy and breath medicine are wonderful ways to return to our inquisitive, joyful natural self. She has been teaching and sharing these gifts for over 5 years, and seeks to heal the world one individual at a time.

Learn more about the founder of Breath of Sunshine; here.


Teacher: Sally Francis

Sally Francis, once a burnt-out and over-worked events co-ordinator, is now a full-time nomadic yoga teacher, student, Thai massage therapist and musician, intent on finding joy, light and love in life!

She first came to yoga hoping to gain fitness, strength, flexibility, and a little stress relief from a busy life. Seven years later her relationship with yoga has developed – she has also discovered the gifts of clarity, insight, stillness of mind, compassion and loving-kindness by taking her practice beyond the asana alone.

In her daily life, Sally struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, but found the courage to make a change, to choose a different path. In 2017 she quit her high-pressured job, sold her house and packed everything up to complete her 200hr YTT in India. There she found that a dedicated daily practice of linking breath and movement, body and mind was magically healing. Her negative self-perceptions started to shift from ‘I can’t’ to the positive ‘I can, and have already achieved so much’.

From India, Sally’s path took her through much of South East Asia, travelling, teaching, and always continually learning. She is currently based in Goa, and teaches vinyasa, ashtanga and yin yoga, and guides pranayama, meditation and chanting. As a Thai massage therapist, she aims to help people to heal themselves by drawing their awareness back into their own bodies, to connect with their inner healing energy, and to the wider universal love that unites us all. She continues to develop her interests and studies, moving towards a more conscious way of life, focusing on gratefulness for the small things.

For Sally, yoga really is a way of life, and has transformed how she views herself and the world, finding lightness and joy, and a new appreciation for all living beings and the amazing natural wonders around us. Although self-love is still a daily challenge, she now considers herself a happy, beautiful soul!

To Prepare

Breathwork is a powerful modality that helps us fall back to our divine self. In the weeks prior to the retreat, take some time for self care; journal, meditate, eat a diet that benefits your body, walk in nature, enjoy some yoga classes, take some time for solitude and reflection.

Some good books are Warrior Goddess Training, and anything by Brene Brown.

<3 If you would like a virtual Breathwork Private before the retreat email EJ at

What is Breathwork? Find out from your Greece Breathwork Facilitator-EJ!